Trauma Therapists and Resources in Colorado Springs

Will be updated periodically as I receive more available resources.

Therapists and Counseling Centers A – Z

Lori Hinze, P.C.
EMDR, Post Inductive Therapy
(719) 278-8490

Hedman Counseling Center
PTSD, Complex Trauma, Dissociation

Patty Caparros-Holt
Certified in EMDR and Brainspotting
Works with trauma in the lives of sex addicts and their partners
5350 N. Academy Blvd.
(719) 321-4497

Amy Long
Certified in EMDR, Neurotherapy, Biofeedback, Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback, DBT
Specializes in Trauma, PTSD, Borderline Personality, Anxiety, Geriatrics
(719) 427-2492

Valerie Montgomery, LPC
Beyond Beautiful LLC
Trauma Informed Practitioner
Specializes in Women’s Emotional Wellness
(719) 598 – 7800

Cortnie Erin Pickett
Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist
Certified in EMDR
Specialties: Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Orphans, Early Childhood Trauma

Anne Porter, MA, LPC
Certified in EMDR, Movement Therapy, Body and Energy Work

Betty Ross, LMFT, LPC
Master Splankna Practitioner
(719) 339-4179

Suzanne Simon, MA, LPC
Children’s Therapist, Rapid Resolution Certified, EMDR certified
(719) 243-1960

Scheila Watson, MA, LPC, CACIII
Certified in EMDR
Specializes in trauma counseling for those with addictions
(719) 650 – 8114

Robin Wall, LMFT
Certified in EMDR, Splankna, NET
(719) 635-2250

UCCS Counseling Center
Main Office: (719) 255-3265



Colorado Professional Development Center
Certifies Professionals (Both Mental Health and Non Mental Health) in Trauma Informed Care
Versed in Attachment and Developmental Trauma