Tarot Readings


Have you ever been curious about how to navigate your current life situations? Want to go deeper in your meditations? Curious about your current internal state?

As a tarot reader, I can help empower you to make more grounded decisions. I read in a mainly Jungian archetypal fashion, noting what symbols are present that reflect and inform your current life circumstances. These symbols can enable you to make more centered choices for the future, based on the conditions of your present.

I read tarot for others in order to:

showcase a range of choices for moving forward, given your present trajectory
give clarity and insight to your interior life
present a tool to aid meditation

I do not use tarot to tell the future. Instead, I use it as an empowering mechanism to give you clearer perspective of your present. Through seeing the present clearly, you can choose your own trajectory with confidence.

I use the Osho Zen tarot deck. This deck is a modified version of the traditional Rider-Waite deck, featuring similar cards, but with a unique twist on their meaning. The Osho Zen deck is intensively meditative, showcasing your conscious and subconscious world.

Types of Readings I Do:

1 Card Reading:
Need some quick inspiration? A sneak peek into what’s happening in your life right now? Here’s the reading for you.

3 Card Reading
If you want some pointed, intuitive clarity into your alignment in body-mind-spirit, this is the reading for you.

5 Card Reading
Have a tricky situation and need some perspective?  This is a great spread to choose if you want to have a full picture of the situation, AND the keys to move forward with intention.

8-10 Card Life/Big Picture Reading
WP_20141128_003 WP_20141129_036
Do you feel like you’re lost in the dark? This spread gives a comprehensive view of all the archetypes at work in your life currently. With a clearer view of the archetypal forces at work, you’ll be able to make more empowered choices. If you need some perspective – pick this reading.

What You Will Receive
Either a Skype, email, or in person reading (your preference!) with a PDF copy for you to keep that goes over the details of your reading.

I use PayPal and will send an invoice to your email. Your reading will be scheduled within 24 hours of your payment.

If you are interested in getting a reading, please fill out the form below. I have included several questions so that I can get a sense of your energy and who you are before I read for you. Please answer as honestly and completely as you can. Also be aware that if I’m doing an email reading, I will ask you for a picture so I can hold your image as I shuffle the deck for you.

Recommendations for Laurie’s Readings:

Sarah Somewhere
Traveler, writer, and dreamer who blogs at http://sarahsomewhere.com.
The reading Laurie did for me went straight to my heart. Her intuitive interpretation of the cards in relation to my my journey resonated with me deeply, providing me with much needed encouragement and clarity. I would recommend a reading from Laurie to anybody, she is an angel on Earth!

Rev. Roger Butts
Associate Minister, Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies
You can see a little of what I am up to at rogerbutts.com
To be in the company of Laurie Works is to be in the presence of one who has been there–places many can only imagine– and who has done the work, emotionally and spiritually. She continues to do the work, and it shows. She is empathic and compassionate and alert.

Her tarot reading with me was spot on and quite helpful. I didn’t know quite what to expect and I was delighted with the reading.
I recommend her with the highest enthusiasm.

Anna Palmer
Reiki Level I, YT200

I have had multiple readings from Laurie and each time, I am astonished by her innate, intuitive ability to see straight to the heart of the particular issue or situation. Laurie is truly a light in the dark that has helped reveal my own inner wisdom by intuitively tapping into and helping remove the veils that fog over the wisdom of the heart. To be in the presence of Laurie is to be in the presence of gentle, honest, empowering and heartfelt wisdom. I will never forget one particular reading, wherein I had such a significant experience of connecting to a deeply spiritual place within myself. She intuitively tapped into a place I knew existed but had never truly experienced in such a powerful and impactful manner up until then. Needless to say, I will continue to see Laurie for future readings and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone searching for clarity, insight, inspiration and empowerment.

Hailey Radvillas

I’m really glad that Laurie was kind enough to provide for me a tarot reading. At first, I read it a few times and was not connecting the dots. But a few days later, it hit me, hard, and I forced myself to make the uncomfortable changes that I needed to make to move forward to a more healthy, positive, and fulfilling life. While my reading was done via email, I look forward to having a live, in-person reading for even more clarity. Thank you, Laurie.

4 thoughts on “Tarot Readings

  1. Laurie’s reading was very insightful. She absolutely answered the questions I had about my current situation, as well as some I had but didn’t make known to her. She put such a positive spin on the current, uncomfortable events occurring in my life that I feel more inspired around them than I previously had. I will be getting more readings from her in the future, for sure!

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