An Announcement!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been using tarot cards in these posts for a few months now. My Osho Zen deck is something that is very inspiring to me, and has given me rich material for my personal spiritual path. But from the first moment I held that deck in my hands, I knew … More An Announcement!


“It seems we struggle for a lifetime to become whole. Few of us ever do … Most of us end up going out the same way we came in — kicking and screaming. Most of us don’t have the strength — or the conviction. Most of us don’t want to face our fears.” ― Darren Aronofsky; … More Constellations

distilled. (a poem)

distilled. faces flashed by.warp speedslowed byyour eyes, my eyes. I caught thema butterflywings flutteringsoftly against my hand. Wide openyou gulpeda world full ofbrackish water Through the opened lidseverything floodedan ocean in yourone entire drop of self. But you laughed.because beauty ofasymmetryis this… that by swallowingthe oceanyou can losethe drop and all youever wantedwas to bea … More distilled. (a poem)