I am sharing a very vulnerable piece of my heart today, over on the blogging collective I’m involved with: The Sisterwives. I would love it if you would please go view this piece. It took a lot of guts for me, both to write it and to record it. It’s not something I often make … More Shell

when words vanish.

I’ve taken to writing posts after I’ve been through an EMDR session, and this week is no exception. However… some things are too private to share so publicly, and I don’t quite know what to tell you today. Secrets are meant for the closest of friends. I feel tender, broken open. Like a cantaloupe split … More when words vanish.


Today is my 5 year anniversary of the ones I’ve lost. Considering the purpose of this blog, I felt it appropriate to write a post. It’s been an interesting day. I feel the pressure of the world to move on. 5 years ago today, my sisters were gunned down in front of my eyes in … More Anniversary