This is Real

It is so frustrating when I am in the middle of making dinner and realize I need another pan, but I take one look at what I’d have to do to get one, and I completely shut down. I decide not to wilt the kale and sear the garlic. I decide to just go with … More This is Real

distilled. (a poem)

distilled. faces flashed by.warp speedslowed byyour eyes, my eyes. I caught thema butterflywings flutteringsoftly against my hand. Wide openyou gulpeda world full ofbrackish water Through the opened lidseverything floodedan ocean in yourone entire drop of self. But you laughed.because beauty ofasymmetryis this… that by swallowingthe oceanyou can losethe drop and all youever wantedwas to bea … More distilled. (a poem)

the stronger pull.

The past 2 weeks have sunk me. Drowned me. In the best of ways. So much of me never wishes to surface. Rumi says, “An ocean woos a drop.” He goes on to say, and I can’t remember the direct quote, that this is the best deal possible and everything should be sold for such … More the stronger pull.