the stronger pull.

The past 2 weeks have sunk me. Drowned me. In the best of ways. So much of me never wishes to surface. Rumi says, “An ocean woos a drop.” He goes on to say, and I can’t remember the direct quote, that this is the best deal possible and everything should be sold for such … More the stronger pull.

Assume Crash Positions! It’s a FEELING!!

The title pretty much describes my outlook on life. Anxiety? DUCK AND COVER! Depression? THE WORLD IS ENDING. Fear? OMG IT’S A DISASTER! Brace yourselves, at any time a feeling could come and assault your perfectly sculpted life! You never know if today will bring… An unexpected bill…A communication misunderstanding…“She loves me, she loves me … More Assume Crash Positions! It’s a FEELING!!