Lessons on Vacation

I am on vacation, but wanted to write a couple of quick snippets of thought I’ve had this week:

1. I’ve realized, partially from being around my bestie and her husband, how disconnected I was in my marriage. There were definitely issues that went beyond that which caused an end to it, but my disconnection made everything worse. I feel so much more connected to life now as a result of my past year in recovery. I’m so grateful! It really is a miracle.

2. Sometimes, learning to belong is better than drifting where the wind takes you. To be elaborated on within the next couple of months.

3. I get a lot more goofy when I actually get a chance to relax!!! 🙂 Case in point: Elvis is my boyyyyfrannnn!! 

4. Sugar DEFINITELY affects my mood and I need to pay more attention. Could be the source of some of my up and down depressive periods.


I hope you all are having a great week! Be sure to comment and let me know how it’s been for you. 🙂 Would love to hear from you!

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