seamstress work

This was a quiet one,she thought as she was sewing up,all the rips and tearsthat had pierced her skin. a quiet battle.a quiet, inner agonybreaking apart her psychefrom inside out brain matter becominga sharp blade. imperfections were little knivesthrown at a boardhitting squarely on marksblood spurted out, fresh woundson top of old scar tissue. But … More seamstress work

Down the Rabbit Hole

“Alice! Alice!” She could hear the voices above ground, from her past life, but they were fading fast. Their frantic tone sliced panic into her heart, but her pinwheeling hands found no traction in the dirt. Only a few moments before she had been walking along the forest path, happily clambering to a destination precisely … More Down the Rabbit Hole

Lessons on Vacation

I am on vacation, but wanted to write a couple of quick snippets of thought I’ve had this week: 1. I’ve realized, partially from being around my bestie and her husband, how disconnected I was in my marriage. There were definitely issues that went beyond that which caused an end to it, but my disconnection … More Lessons on Vacation