The past 2 days have been “down days” for me. I’ve been trying to keep track of when I feel depressed, to get an idea if there’s a rhythm or flow to it. It seemed to have more of a PMDD feel to it; but this isn’t PMDD. I’m wondering if it cycles every 2 … More Rhythms

Panic Switch

Ever have that moment where you react to something before taking enough space to really consider it? I have. In fact it happens quite often for me. Panic crawls up my throat and out of my mouth before I can stop it. And in the face of panic, I babble and become unclear. There are … More Panic Switch

Beyond Ideas

          Since the weekend after the Boston Marathon, I’ve been under a gray cloud. Not a dark one, full of lightning and thunder and ominous promises, but a gray one, like a persistent winter in the northwest where the sun just can’t push its way past. I would diagnose my feelings … More Beyond Ideas