Men of North Carolina and Men of Colorado

It just so happens that between two states and two extremes, two different cultures appear. Two different ways of judging attractiveness are held up to light.

The Attractive Men of North Carolina
-usually wear Sperrys
-“girl look at that body – I work out!” they have failed at life if they haven’t been to the gym in the past week.
-long khaki shorts are obvi a staple
-has got to iron a lot of button-down shirts
-have been heard to say to a girl, “Are those Jack Rogers?” (referring to her sandals, in case you’re not a hot NC guy)
-usually wear RayBans or Aviators just about half the time
-Polo Ralph Lauren is a staple wardrobe item
-strong jawlines are in. if you don’t have one, you’re out.
-know that every girl in a 100-foot radius wants to jump their bones
-if by some chance they aren’t wearing Sperrys, the loafers appear
-drive a Mini or Mercedes their parents bought them for graduation

Alternatively, there are also the Hot Surfer Boys of NC:
-blond, windswept hair
-bronzed god skin
-definitely ripped
-walk around without a shirt about half the time
-have a surfboard rack on top of their car
-most likely longboard when they aren’t surfing
-walk around barefoot half the time

In COMPARISON, the Attractive Men of Colorado:
-have a carabiner as a key ring
-talk about the 13 they just climbed last week
-own a 4 wheel drive
-climbed 10 14’ers over the summer, and one in the middle of winter just for kicks
-probably brew their own beer
-are tanned and sweaty from being out in the mountains so much
-obviously don’t care about the dirt under their fingernails and assume it adds to their sexiness factor

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