7 States in One Day and a stay in Virginia (Virginia is for Lovers <3)

Some things I’ve learned in Phase 2 of my grand and excellent adventure to NC:

I will never, ever drive for 17 hours straight again. Especially not without another driver, but with another passenger. Two people get super cranky after 17 hours with only one of those people driving. But – 7 states in 1 day = LEGIT!!! I rock the steering wheel, baby.

Sometimes you don’t get along with the person you think you will. (No, not talking bout my sister. Other friends.) Age isn’t a prerequisite for relating. However, if you just let yourself BE you’ll get along with the person you need to. Interesting how that works out. Connections happen for a reason so just be and see what happens. (as long as you’re also maintaining boundaries. Important)

Thrifting is FUN! 🙂 cheap pretty clothes FTW.

Even after many years, some bad habits/urges never leave you. So you have to be persistent in re-routing your mind away from it. Especially if it’s a pattern that’s been passed down to you. If you can be gracious with yourself in this you’ll learn some graciousness with the person who passed the habit on. Because you’ll realize how fucking hard it is to actually STOP something that’s so ingrained and thrilling. Thrill is addictive. Man do I love the sudden rush.

Oh and when that rush gets overwhelming – for the love of God use your lifelines.


Ohio has a place called Tom Raper’s RVs. Seriously, if you have a last name like that, couldn’t you call your shop Tom’s RVs? Don’t you realize that EVERYONE will make fun of you?

“Oh I’m gonna go buy a Raper RV *snicker snicker*.”

Phone call to RV sales center: “Do you sell a 70’s Winnebago with smoke stains and an orange stripe down the outside? I need it for… my collection…”

Dear Lord people please be more wise.

Coffee shops should ALWAYS have a slow brew bar. I’ve decided it’s not a coffee bar if it doesn’t have one.

The shuffle button on Ipods are controlled by a Higher Power. How else does Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” get followed by Maroon5’s “Moves Like Jagger”? Thank you, O Almighty Ipod Shuffle god for ordaining beautiful music to be played at random right next to each other in such beautiful fashion.

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